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Thank you for choosing a Conair product.

For all warranty claims you must retain your warranty card found inside the product box and attach your receipt to it, we then recommend storing it in a safe place.

A warranty may only be claimed where proof of original purchase is presented, i.e. original purchase receipt or invoice.

If you have any other questions regarding your warranty or spare parts please contact our Customer Service Team.


Replacement parts may be available for your product. Contact our Customer Service Team for more details.
Please provide your product name/model number details, date of purchase and part you require.


Retain your warranty card found inside the product box and attach your receipt to it. You must present it to obtain replacement or service under the warranty.

The warranty may only be claimed where proof of original purchase is presented, i.e. original purchase receipt or invoice.

To make a warranty claim contact our Customer Service Team or you can return the defective product back to the place it was purchased where it will be replaced (see Point 12 in Conditions).

When claiming under warranty, please provide the following details:

  1. Date of purchase
  2. Retailer Name & Location
  3. Product Name/Model Number
  4. Confirm you have your purchase receipt
  5. Detail the problem with your product



  1. Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.
  2. The guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law (“ACL”) are provided in sections 51 to 59 inclusive of the ACL (“Statutory Guarantees”) and the remedies are provided in sections 259 to 266 inclusive of the ACL (“StatutoryRemedies”).


  1. In addition and subject to the Statutory Guarantees and Statutory Remedies, the following express warranty (“Warranty”) commences from the date of purchase and continues for a period of 24 months (“Warranty Period”) after which it expires. Subject to the conditions in Section C below, Conair warrants to the original purchaser (“Purchaser”) of the VS Sassoon product that is the subject of this warranty (“Product”) that if during the Warranty Period, the Product suffers from any defect caused by faults in materials or workmanship, Conair will a) replace the Product, or b) exchange defective parts in the Product or c) repair the Product, as Conair may choose in its discretion (“Warranty”). In this Warranty “Conair” means Conair Australia Pty Limited (ABN 64 068 492 044) of The Equinox Centre, Suite 101, 18 Rodborough Rd, Frenchs Forest, NSW, 2086. in relation to Products purchased in Australia and Conair New Zealand Ltd in relation to Products purchased in New Zealand.
  2. To honour the Warranty, Conair must replace, or exchange parts in, or repair, the Product, as Conair determines, in accordance with paragraph B1 above, subject always to the conditions in Section C below.
  3. If any of the conditions in Section C below are inconsistent with any provisions of the ACL or regulations made thereunder, those provisions of the ACL or regulations shall prevail to the extent of the inconsistency.


  1. The Product must be used in accordance with manufacturer's instructions. This Warranty does not apply should the defect in or failure of the Product be attributable to misuse, abuse, accident, act of God such as lightning, or nonobservance of manufacturer's instructions on the part of the user. This Warranty does not cover ordinary wear and tear in the Product or its parts.
  2. Conair does not accept liability for
  3. a. any loss or damage however suffered, caused by or arising out of any failure to use the Product in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, and
    b. any indirect, consequential or economic loss or damage however caused.
  4. This Warranty is immediately void if -
    a. Any serial number or appliance plate is removed or defaced
    b. The Product has been serviced or otherwise repaired by a person not authorised to do so by Conair or where non approved replacement parts are used.
  5. The Product is designed for domestic use only. The Product must be connected to the electrical voltage supply as specified in the ratings label located on the Product. This Warranty does not cover defects arising from non-domestic use or incorrect voltage supply
  6. This Warranty may only be claimed against where proof of original purchase is presented, for example, original receipt or invoice.
  7. Any parts of the Product that need to be replaced, or if the whole Product needs to be replaced, the replaced Product, become the property of Conair. The Warranty on any replacement Product or parts will expire on the same date that the Warranty Period on the original Product expires.
  8. The benefits provided by this Warranty are in addition to all other rights and remedies in respect of the Product which the Purchaser has under the Trade Practices Act 1974 and/or any other applicable State and Territory Laws, and applicable laws in New Zealand, which rights and remedies by law may not be excluded. All other warranties and representations, express and implied, are hereby excluded.
  9. The Purchaser bears the onus of proving that the defect occurred during the Warranty Period, and was not caused by any of the causes excluded from this Warranty.
  10. This Warranty does not cover Products purchased from any person who is not a retailer serviced by Conair's authorized distributors or purchased second hand.
  11. The Purchaser is responsible for all postage and freight charges and any other expenses incidental to claiming against this Warranty.
  12. The Warranty excludes consumable items (such as blades or brushes) and normal wear and tear.
  13. If you’re certain your product is defective, and the product is covered by the terms of this warranty, you need to take the product back to the place you purchased it from, where the retailer will replace the product for you on our behalf. In this event, per the terms of this warranty you will need to present this portion of the warranty card and the purchase receipt as proof of purchase so please make sure you keep both this card and your receipt on hand for the duration of the warranty period. 

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